No7 Restore & Renew Day Cream 50ml

Nourish and revitalise your skin with this protecting and replenishing daytime formula. Created to provide day long hydration, replenish lost lipids and help boost skin's repair and recovery processes. Our intensive nourishing complex with an optimum blend of skin identical lipids instantly gets to work to deeply moisturise your skin and help strenghten its resilience to future dryness. Helps to strengthen your skin's resilience to stress and the result is smoother, plumper looking skin that feels firmer and has a renewed heathly glow. Uneven pigmentation is reduced and the unique triple protective power of SPF15 5 Star UVA technology and our powerful antioxidant complex gives your skin advanced protection from the sun and the environment. In addition to our skin firming complex, a unique plant extract derived from the Persimmon Tree works to boost your skin's vitality so that it behaves like younger skin.

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